UP 8459 East (ILXDIB-18) - 2016.03.19 @ 5:08pm (HD)

Started by Webmaster, April 19, 2016, 09:14:07 pm

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Union Pacific (UP 8459) leads a eastbound Intermodal Train through Vail, AZ.  Details below:

UP 8459 East
ILXDIB-18 (Intermodal-LATX-Dallas Intermodal)
UP 8459, UP 6762
DPU: UP 8795
East of CP Vail Crossovers (S1000)
Vail, AZ
UP's Lordsburg Subdivision (MP 1008.5)
2016.03.19 @ 5:08pm

Photo/Video Forum Topic: http://railfan.myteggypc.com/topic,1393.0.html


I see UP does the same as BNSF with half stack/autorack trains. The power sounded like it was working hard. Nice video.


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