Union Pacific West Phoenix Operations

Started by TrainVideoPro, August 01, 2017, 03:05:33 pm

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Anyone have info about the Union Pacific operations in the west Phoenix area? What is the name of the yard between 43rd Ave and 35th? Buckeye local schedule or how often it runs? Any idea how often the grain train runs out there?



What is the name of the yard between 43rd Ave and 35th?
- Campo, MP 902.0, Max Speed 25 MPH between MP 904.8 - MP 858.6.
- Campo Yard Lighting System is controlled by Radio and once activated, the lighting is a time limit of 2 hours.

Any idea how often the grain train runs out there?
- I have seen at least 1 Grain Train coming into Phoenix for Hickman's Farm Operation in ARLINGTON (MP 861.6) on a Bi-Weekly Schedule.  The empty grain train leaves a few days later after it arrives.


I was able to catch the Autorack train coming into Phoenix yard around 8:45am. I got some shots from the Diamondback garage before security asked me to leave and followed me out. They even took my picture of me an my car! 

I headed west and saw some switching at the campo yard but was unable to get any shots. I moved towards buckeye and found the buckeye local (LKK48) near Jackrabbit Trail Rd. heading east towards phoenix. I got some shots of it pulling 12 cars over the Agua Fria bridge in Avondale where it did some switching in Tolleson. Nice crew and chatted with the brakeman.

Heading back towards Phoenix I got LKK49 heading east towards the yard with over 40 cars. Meet him at 67th Ave and raced to 2nd St. just before they pulled into the yard.

I love seeing old EMD GP38-2, 40's, and 60's. Overall very good day for me in the West Phoenix area.


Cool on the catch. We had a problem with RoboFoamer thIs morning and alerts did not send out.


Hey Jeff I noticed the system was down and miss it! Luckily my wife gave me the heads up while she spotted the train at Germann and I got it while I was in Phoenix. I hope the robofoamer works soon. I miss my Union Pacific updates!  :)


RoboFoamer is back up, however it looks like the site in Tucson stopped picking up Picacho Wye.

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