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Author Topic: Premium Intermodal (Z Symbol) - Updated: 11/02/2018  (Read 443 times)

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Premium Intermodal (Z Symbol) - Updated: 11/02/2018
« on: March 16, 2018, 07:43:19 pm »
01) ZCIG4  (Premium Intermodal-City of Industry-Global 4) (Last Recorded: 01/20/2018)
02) ZCIG4X (Premium Intermodal-City of Industry-Global 4-Extra)  (Last Recorded: 12/17/2017)
03) ZATLC  (Premium Intermodal-Atlanta-LATC) *Interchanged from the NS at New Orleans, LA)
04) ZAILC  (Premium Intermodal-Atlanta-LATC) (Last Recorded: 03/04/2018)
05) ZMELC  (Premium Intermodal-Memphis-LATC)
06) ZMELCX (Premium Intermodal-Memphis-LATC, Extra)
07) ZSALC  (Premium Intermodal-San Antonio-LATC) (Last Recorded: 02/24/2018)
08) ZSALCB (Premium Intermodal-San Antonio-LATC) (Last Recorded: 12/11/2016)
09) ZSALCX (Premium Intermodal-San Antonio-LATC-Extra) (Last Recorded: 12/02/2017)
10) ZMNLA  (Premium Intermodal-Marion, AR-Los Angeles) (Last Recorded: 04/09/2017)
11) ZSILC  (Premium Intermodal-Santa Teresa, NM-LATC) (Last Recorded: 02/14/2016)
12) ZLAMQ  (Premium Intermodal-Los Angeles-Mesquite, TX) (Last Recorded: 01/07/2018)
13) ZLAMQ2 (Premium Intermodal-Los Angeles-Mesquite, TX 2nd Train) (Last Recorded: 02/13/2018)
14) ZCIBP  (Premium Intermodal-City of Industry-Bedford Park, IL) (Last Recorded: 01/27/2018)
15) ZLAMN3 (Premium Intermodal-Los Angeles-Marion, AR) (Last Recorded: 02/17/2016)
16) ZLCAI  (Premium Intermodal-LATC-Atlanta) (Last Recorded: 12/30/2017)
17) ZLAJX  (Premium Intermodal-Los Angeles-Jacksonville, FL) (Last Recorded: 11/11/2017)
18) ZG4CI  (Premium Intermodal-Global 4-City of Industry) (Last Recorded: 03/11/2018)
19) ZLAG1D (Premium Intermodal-Los Angeles-Global 1-Detour) (Last Recorded: 01/28/2017)
20) ZLALI  (Premium Intermodal-Los Angeles-Livonia, LA) (Last Recorded: 12/08/2017)
21) ZLAMQC (Premium Intermodal-Los Angeles-Mesquite, TX) (Last Recorded: 12/08/2017)
22) ZLAGN  (Premium Intermodal-Los Angeles-CSX Gentilly Yard/New Orleans) (Last Recorded: 03/11/2018)
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