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Started by Eric676, January 03, 2019, 02:09:48 pm

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Hello to all.  Just looking for some info on how we can set up an ATCS and radio feed from the old Goffs School museum at Goffs Ca.  I'm a member of the museum and we are currently looking at setting something up to cover that area.


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Good Afternoon Eric,
Can you please provide the address of the location and we can see what is available in the area to grab (Control Points Data).  This will help us determine what equipment is needed.



37198 Lanfair Rd, Essex, CA 92332

This is the old Goffs schoolhouse at Goffs Ca.  The museum has approved space to set up whatever we would need.


Thanks Eric.  Let me check it out now on Google Earth.


Eric, looking at the Dispatcher Screens, it looks like that is Goffs, correct?  Quick Question, does the Museum have Internet Access and what type of connection does internet have Ethernet or Wifi?

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