UP 2001 and UP 6748 - Westbound - 06/01/2020

Started by Christi, May 31, 2020, 08:44:27 pm

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UP 2001 is the 2nd locomotive on MEWWCB-30 (Manifest-Englewood, TX-W. Colton), estimated to depart Tucson at 10:15 AM (AZT).  The Lead engine is UP 8738.

UP 6748 is the 2nd locomotive on ZMNLA-30 (Premium Intermodal-Marion, AR-Los Angeles), estimated to depart Tucson 11:30 AM (AZT). The Lead engine is UP 8859.

More on this thread as updates come!
Christi Rossi
RailFanAZ.com Support

Cautious Coin

Thank you so much for the heads up. Got these two entering the Tucson Yard at high speed  ;D



You are welcome.  Did you get any photos you can share?
Jeff Rossi
RailFanAZ.com Webmaster

Cautious Coin

Yes I only got 2001, I missed 6748 because my camera wasn't ready  :'( . I will post 2001 in a few hours

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