BNSF Cajon, Mojave, Needles, and Seligman Subdivisions: 2020.10.07

Started by Christi, October 07, 2020, 09:25:33 pm

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BNSF Cajon, Mojave, Needles, and Seligman Subdivisions: 2020.10.07
BNSF California/Southwest Divisions.

Layouts Version: 2020.10.07

- Updated Layouts to be ready for WebGL Conversation.
- Updated Relays.
- Some other minor updates.

Support can be found here: https://www.railfanaz.com/index.php?board=167.0
Layouts is located at the following path after you are logged into TM5:
- https://trainmon5.com/Application/Railroads/Divisions/Default.aspx?railroadDivision=18
- Railroads > BNSF - Burlington Northern & Santa Fe > California / Southwest Divisions
On the Version Topic as an Attachment located here: https://www.railfanaz.com/index.php/topic,5649.0.html
Please make sure you use "Monitor" option and not the "Secure Monitor" for this layout.

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