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New CN Heritage Units

Started by Cautious Coin, October 10, 2020, 09:36:11 pm

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Cautious Coin

So there has been some announcement recently that CN is rolling out some Heritage Units! So far people have heard about the
- GTW Heritage ( SD70M-2)
- BCRail Heritage (Gevo)
- IC Deathstar Heritage (Gevo)
There is rumored to be 17 more painted.
Anyone can add to this topic when they hear about a new CN Heritage Unit!!
Railfanning all over Arizona (or where I go that has trains :P)


CN8952 Looks really nice!

Cautious Coin

CN 8952 released into CN system!
Railfanning all over Arizona (or where I go that has trains :P)


CN has introduced Heritage paint schemes which include 18 locomotives. Representations of the paint schemes worn by the railroads brought together through purchases and mergers, and will include previous CN schemes as well.

The first unit released was SD70M-2 8952 in a Grand Trunk Western scheme.
Two other schemes to released are ET44AC 3115 in BC Rail hockey stick and an unknown # ET44AC in Illinois Central Deathstar scheme.


From FB.

Okay, we have been asked for a list of what railroads CN will be doing Heritage Units for. We got a list from a possible reliable source.

The Railroads are:

Algoma Central
BC Rail (Red/White/Blue)
BC Rail (Two Tone Green)
Bessemer & Lake Erie (early Orange/Black)
CN Zebra Stripes
CN North America Map
CN original
Central Vermont (Black/Red)
Detroit, Toledo & Ironton
Duluth, Missabi & Iron Range
Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific (Deliver With Pride)
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern
Illinois Central Gulf (Orange/Charcol Grey)
Green Bay and Western (Early Red/White)
Gulf, Mobile & Ohio (red/white redbird scheme)
Grand Trunk Western
Illinois Central
Wisconsin Central

18 heritage units!

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