Railfanning east of Cienega Bridge

Started by EdW, October 17, 2020, 04:40:25 pm

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Hi After railfanning on the UP at Marsh Station Rd seeing a VERY UNDERpowered eastbound manifest, I'm very interested in expanding my railfanning there. This UP manifest had only 1 GE on the point and 1 SD-70ACE near the rear and it was 12 mph at run 8.
Where in this area is the steepest part to see heavy eastbounds lugging?
Is the Sibyl Rd south off of I 10 a good place to just veg out and watch trains in both directions?



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Hello EdW!

Welcome to our site.  Here is a screenshot of the Grade Chart for that part of the Lordsburg Sub (hope it helps).  Sounds likes you were at CP Mescal?  We have never been to Sibyl Road, however, hope someone can chime in.

Screenshot 2020-10-17 211315.jpg


Thanks so much! That's a great chart. I do hope to find someone who has railfanned there and can give firsthand knowledge.


You are welcome.  There are a few members on our site that probably been in that area.  They will probably comment when they see this post.

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