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Not On The Southern Transcon Just Yet

Started by Phil Maton, October 23, 2020, 06:15:59 am

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Phil Maton

Here in the southeast on the Norfolk Southern we are fortunate to get three west coast intermodal trains with two being off the Union Pacific and one off the BNSF.  In addition we get a two IM's off the KCS out of Dallas TX. Listed below are these five trains that interchange to the NS.

Premium Service Trains East Bound 3
220 Meridian, MS (KCS IDAAT) - Atlanta, GA daily
226 Shreveport, LA (UP ZLCAI / KCS IZLCAI) - Atlanta, GA daily
264 Memphis, TN (BNSF Z SBDAUG) - Charlotte, NC Fr-Tu
Standard Service Trains East Bound 2
22G Shreveport, LA (UP ILBNS / KCS ILBNS) - Atlanta, GA daily
24E Meridian, MS (KCS IMYNS / IDAAT2) - Atlanta, GA Tu, Thur-Su (Two of these originate from Monterrey MX)

Premium Service Trains West Bound 3
219 Atlanta, GA - Meridian, MS (KCS IATDA) daily
225 Atlanta, GA - Shreveport, LA (KCS IZAILC / UP ZAILC) daily
265 Charlotte, NC - Memphis, TN (BNSF Z AUGSBD) Tu-Sa
Standard Service Trains West Bound 1
23E Atlanta, GA - Meridian, MS (KCS IATDA2) Th-Mo

As a rule all of the west bounds usually make their east coast departures between mid-night and 6am. As a result most are well on their way before sunrise. Thursday of this week I managed to capture one headed for the BNSF's Southern Transcon just north of Atlanta Georgia on the NS Georgia Divisions H-Line at MP 121.  Certainly not in the wide open spaces of the Southern Transcon but will be there shortly.


Jeff Rossi
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Love the shots Phil!  Is that the 265 / BNSF Z AUGSBD?
Christi Rossi
RailFanAZ.com Support

Phil Maton

Yes NS 265 Charlotte, NC - Memphis, TN (BNSF Z AUGSBD) At this location it is about 12 miles from NS Whitaker Yard in Austell Ga. and about 23 miles from NS Inman Yard in Atlanta. On the H - Line traveling north to Chattanooga TN.on the NS Georgia Division. In Chattanooga after a crew change it will work its way southwest and then west on the NS Alabama Division. At Sheffield Al. it will have another crew change and head west to Memphis TN and be handed off to the BNSF there.

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