BNSF Transcon railfanning this coming week

Started by KJ4AYO, April 24, 2021, 04:01:51 pm

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Hey Guys and gals,

Planning to be in the area this coming week and have a question or two.
Planning to be between Albuquerque and Needles but not all in one day.

Is Canyon Diablo worth a stop.
I know how to get there but can one get to the bridge easy.

Is there any kind of power at Bellemont at the US Government complex?
Flyover at Truxton.
Can one get to it without to much trouble.

Worth a stop at the Kingman Terminal?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance


I can answer the Canyon Diablo question.  Yes, but do not attempt it unless you have a vehicle with high ground clearance and you are carrying a full-sized spare tire (NOT a donut spare).  You don't necessarily need 4WD, but you do need ground clearance.  The road is very rocky.  It takes you to the east end of the bridge, so it's a morning shot.

WRT Bellemont, not saying they don't keep power there, but on several visits, I have never seen any sign of it.  For Truxton, I would imagine you can go in through the same gate that you would use to get into Crozier Canyon from the east, but turn left instead of right once you go under the tracks.  I have not been in there since they completed the flyover, however, so YMMV.

oro valley az


Thanks for the info.

I have a Ford Edge or the like so hopefully I should be ok.

Canyon Diablo
On Google maps I see the the 6930 road that comes up from I 40
It takes a fork. Should I take the left fork or go the the crossing?
This is the first time coming to the area so all help is greatly needed.

Any other help on the other area I asked about or areas that are worth checking out let me know


Stuart W Lodge


I don't believe there is a crossing on the 6930 road east of Canyon Diablo anymore, but I would take it to the tracks and then turn left along the right of way.  Another word of caution; if there has been any significant precipitation in the previous 24 hours or so, those roads can be a real quagmire.

A spot you might want to check out if you have time is Winona.  The signature shot is from the highway bridge, but it is narrow and can be dangerous.  If you go west a bit on Winona-Townsend Road, turn south onto Spud Road and go under the tracks, then back to the east along the right-of-way, you can get this angle:

Again, this is a morning shot.  And previous warnings about muddy roads and ground clearance apply.  In fact, they apply to all unpaved roads in Arizona!

Another location I like further west is Pica.  Turn off old Highway 66 toward the water tanks and you can get this late afternoon view:

And there are plenty of good shots to be had along old 66 west of Crozier Canyon.  All of these were taken from right off the highway, all in the afternoon:

Hope you have good weather and plenty of action.

oro valley az



All great info.

Really looking forward to something different then CSX and NS in Atlanta

I have rail fanned with you at Folkston Ga.

Thanks again

Stuart Lodge


I like getting on the old RT 66 bridge at Crookton. It is great for catching west bound. Another spot I like is just west of Seligman.
Be warned, Stay off railroad property, that is anything between the fences and track. BNSF will called the cops on you for trespassing, even if you are off the tracks by hundreds of feets. Stay outside of the row fence... I have seen locals atv drive down the access roads, but a railfan will get visited by the cops. Go figured?


If you want some cool locations to visit on the Seligman Subdivision, Darling (Winona), Cosnino, the Route 66 bridge east of Flagstaff, Flagstaff itself, Riordan, Maine, and Williams Junction are places I recommend you visit. Enjoy the action on the old Santa Fe mainline! If you need to know where each of these places are located, let me know!

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