East Mesa/QueenCreek AudioFeed and ATCS Going Offline for awhile

Started by Jeff, April 27, 2021, 11:57:06 am

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With the changes that UP made in the Willcox-Bowie Area, we have to make some changes to our system.  With this change, we will be taking the East Mesa/QueenCreek AudioFeed and ATCS for the Phoenix and Gila Sub OFFLINE as we need to use our Beam Antenna (Located in this view: https://www.railfanaz.com/cam01/ ) to face it towards Bowie, AZ for the the CPs East of Willcox.  The East Mesa Site (Audio/ATCS) will be offline until we can secure enough funding for a replacement antenna.  We are sorry we have to do this, however, with Gas Prices rising and product prices on the rise, we really had to choose to delay Willcox another month or two or take this site offline for awhile.

Hope everyone understands,



Today (04/28/2021), I am temporary shutting off the ATCS/RadioFeed here in Mesa as our install for Willcox is Saturday, 05/01/2021. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.


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