Willcox, AZ Install - 05/01/2021

Started by Christi, April 29, 2021, 07:05:56 pm

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April 29, 2021, 07:05:56 pm Last Edit: April 29, 2021, 07:14:45 pm by Christi
RailFanAZ Members,
We are pleased to announce that our new site at the City Hall in Willcox, AZ will be installed on Saturday Afternoon.  We will be installing the following; (Yes, this is an updated list of what we are now using due to the complexity of the site):

1 x PC - 3.20 GHz i5 with 8GB of RAM.
2 x SDRs - 1 for UHF and 1 for VHF.
2 x GE SD9 Radios (MCP and BCP).
1 x Comet KP20 for UHF and SD9s.
1 x Arrow Antenna for VHF, pointing towards Bowie.
2 x 20ft RG6 Quad-Shielded Coaxial.

Coverage Expected:
MCP Coverage for Apache to Bowie E.
BCP Coverage for all SD9 CPs (Fenner, Sibyl, Tully, Apache, Vanar, Cavot, and Steins).
BCP Coverage for VHF (Luzena, Bowie W, Bowie E, and Karro).
AudioFeed for the Area.

Saturday will just be BCP for the SD9s.
Monday, both the Comet and Arrow Antennas will be installed by the City of Willcox.  Once the Antennas are installed, we will start up the AudioFeed.

Wish us luck and if on Monday, when all is installed, if you would like to help cover the additional costs that we were not expecting, please use the Support link on the top.

Thanks Everyone!


Hi Christi, is this one of the HP's I gave Jeff?


April 30, 2021, 08:48:50 am #2 Last Edit: April 30, 2021, 08:49:36 am by Jeff
Quote from: amsoiltek on April 30, 2021, 08:43:39 amHi Christi, is this one of the HP's I gave Jeff?

Hi There @amsoiltek,
Yes I decided to use the HP, instead of the Dell that was on the list, the Dell went to Tucson.  Then I took some of the RAM out of another PC and upgraded it to 8GB as this HP has a bit more processing power and will be doing what Daggett is doing and more.


We have not announced the Tucson Site that was done last weekend as we are waiting for the City to Install the antenna.


Hey guys, I'm glad those machines are working out for you, I may have some more coming soon.



We appreciate it greatly.   :)



If you need them, I have two MDS radios you can have. I intended them for my mobile setup but with the fixed sites you have developed, its easier for me to use LTE to connect to ATCS versus the radios, SDRs, et al. I go to Phoenix fairly often so I could drop them up there or if your down this way (to Mescal or east) we could meet up sometime and I could hand them off. They have the antenna adapters and the power connectors, though I have never powered them up. At you pleasure.

Doug Jacques in Sierra Vista


Hi There Doug,
Hope you are doing well.  We might be able to use them in a future site.  We were able to install the equipment at the location, we are just waiting for the City to install the Antenna on their roof.  Once they finish that part, we will have the coverage out that way.

We might be back in the area of Benson later this month/next month as they are planning on hosting an audiofeed there.  Maybe if time is right, we can meet up then?



Willcox advised us they are almost ready to mount the antennas.  More to come.


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