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Daggett & Phelan Feeds Down?

Started by IsIt SoupYet, August 01, 2021, 10:03:33 am

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IsIt SoupYet

Are the Daggett and Phelan feeds down?

When I check the log in VLC under Linux at the "debug" level I see separate entries like this:

"dead input"
"nothing to play"
"deleting the input"

Even copying the PLS link from the RailfanAZ page for the Daggett radio, assuming that something may have changed, does not change the errors.

Perhaps the correct conclusion might be "down for maintenance right now" ?




I reset both connections.  Shows connected now.


IsIt SoupYet

The PLS link works fine in VLC on Windows 7.

When the PLS link is pasted into "network stream" in VLC on Debian "Bullseye" it does not work; throws the above errors. When I click the "play" button in VLC on Debian then the stream plays. Very odd behavior; was working fine last night on Linux.

It could be a quirk or bug in VLC version 3.0.16 packaged with Debian "Bullseye" or the packaging used by Debian. My Windows 7 VLC version is the same as the Linux version.

Thank you for checking the streams.


Interesting, Thanks for the followup.  I was hoping the reset would help.


IsIt SoupYet

To clarify:

The process below is based on using VLC on Linux today.

I was pasting the link in the "Network Stream" dialog box and pressing the "Play" button found it that dialog. That is when I see the error.

/I digress/
It is odd that this process worked just fine yesterday. Perhaps a recent Linux update fouled that up? Debian "Bullseye" is almost "bleeding edge" but necessary to enable alll of the hardware features of the target hardware.
/end of digression/

After I have done those steps in the "Network Stream" dialog and seen the errors I press the "Play" arrow button on the main VLC GUI and things magically work.


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