BNSF Seligman Outage - 2021.08.02 - Restored

Started by Jeff, August 02, 2021, 07:24:11 pm

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August 02, 2021, 07:24:11 pm Last Edit: August 30, 2021, 06:59:37 am by Jeff
Heads up All,

Due to the monsoon storms this past few months, one of them knocked out our site in the Parks, AZ area.  After investigating the issue, we can confirm the USB ports on the motherboard are gone.  As well as the UPS Battery Backup and Maxtrac Radio that was there.

We are scheduling to go out (tentative) on 08/14/2021 to replace the equipment.  More information and updates can be found on this thread.

Thanks all for your Support,


Good Morning All,
We have successfully restored service in the Parks, AZ area.

Have a great day!


Hi Christy and Jeffy;

Thank You for all your efforts.  8)   8) On BNSF Seligman could you look at both CP Pica's, CP Audley and CP Seligman's?  These 5 control Points Are always white and do not report any information.


Timothy C.


Hello again, :)

When we fixed the issue at Parks, we did not have a way to re-instated BCP at the time.  In the meantime, once I can get additional funding, we will get another SDR on order and install with the necessary hardware.  For now, I went ahead and switched our Williams site to BCP Coverage which should help cover that gap.

One thing to note, we have no sites between Crozier Canyon and Williams, so that area is usually dark pretty much unless we keep BCP coverage.  Hope that makes sense.


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