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BNSF Gallup Subdivision and NMRX: 2021.08.07 v174

Started by Christi, August 07, 2021, 11:07:21 pm

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BNSF Gallup Subdivision and NMRX: 2021.08.07 v174
BNSF Southwest Division.

Layout Version: 2021.08.07
TM5 Version: 174

  a) Corrected Switches using Carl B's Update.
  b) Added Built-in MediaPlayer for Gallup and Belen.
  c) Added full NMRX Layout with the expanded coverage.
  d) Added Becker and Beevers from Clovis Sub.
  e) Added Support Link.

Support can be found here:,220.0.html

------------------------Revision History-----------------
  a) Cosmetic Changes.
  b) Added Built-in MediaPlayer for Winslow.

  a) Cosmetic Changes.
  b) Added ICS label to Dalies, Felipe, and Aragon.

  a) Corrected Aragon M1-M3 Crossovers.
  b) Updated Belen Yard, NM with Gallup/Clovis Subs separator.
  c) Increased Font Size for Fuel Pads.
  a) Initial Release.


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