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Union Pacific Cima and Caliente Subdivisions: 2021.08.30 v57

Started by Christi, August 30, 2021, 05:16:04 pm

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Union Pacific Cima and Caliente Subdivisions: 2021.08.30 v57
Daggett, CA to Las Vegas, NV.
Please Note: All "On the Air" CPs are Genisys except BNSF Daggett.

TM5 Date: 2021.08.30
TM5 Version: 57

  a) Initial Release.
Big Thanks goes out to Ken K for allowing his layout to be adapted and Larry G for allowing his servers to be part of TM5!  From Ken's Readme File; "This layout covers portions of UPRR's Cima and Caliente Subdivisions in the Las Vegas, NV area. While a significant portion of this territory can be monitored via server, Union Pacific is constantly tweaking their train control systems, which can cause loss of data at any moment. Currently, there is server coverage from Daggett to Basin E, and Arden W to Garnet."
TM5 Support can be found here:,244.0.html
ATCS territory custodian is Ken K, who can be reached by email.


Christi R
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