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Union Pacific Cima and Caliente Subdivisions: 2021.09.05 v 68

Started by Christi, September 05, 2021, 05:55:37 pm

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Union Pacific Cima and Caliente Subdivisions: 2021.09.05 v 68
Daggett, CA to Las Vegas, NV.
Please Note: All "On the Air" CPs are Genisys except BNSF Daggett.

TM5 Date: 2021.09.05
TM5 Version: 68

  a) Renamed Dike W and Dike E to W Dahl and E Dahl (ITCM). Thanks Mark L!
  b) Cosmetic Changes.
  c) Combined UP Daggett with BNSF Daggett (not using UP Daggett Data).
  e) Added Station Numbers following original layout.
TM5 Support can be found here:,244.0.html
ATCS territory custodian is Ken K, who can be reached by email.

------------------------Revision History-----------------
  a) Initial Release.


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