BNSF Gallup Subdivision and NMRX: 2021.09.18 v230 (Updated)

Started by Christi, September 18, 2021, 10:47:03 pm

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BNSF Gallup Subdivision and NMRX: 2021.09.18 v230
BNSF Southwest Division.

TM5 Date: 2021.09.18
TM5 Version: 230

  a) Added Additional Double-Head Signals in some areas of Belen Terminal.
  b) Corrected some mislabeled TM5 Track Ids.
  c) Fixed Aragon M1-M3 Plant Decodes as trains were disappearing. 
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------------------------Revision History-----------------
  a) Linked Tracks from Left to Right when lines changes.
  b) Added West Sais to Dunmoor with expanded coverage from our Belen site.  Thanks to Scott G for allowing us to use this part of his layout.
  c) Added Double-Head Signals in some areas of Belen Terminal.
  a) Cosmetic Changes.
  b) Added DARK Lead for Abajo Yard (help with AudioFeed with Track Warrants on NMRX).
  a) Updated Virtual RailFan Belen YouTube Address.

  a) Corrected Switch at Defiance.

  a) Corrected Switches using Carl B's Update.
  b) Added Built-in MediaPlayer for Gallup and Belen.
  c) Added full NMRX Layout with the expanded coverage.
  d) Added Becker and Beevers from Clovis Sub.
  e) Added Support Link.

  a) Cosmetic Changes.
  b) Added Built-in MediaPlayer for Winslow.

  a) Cosmetic Changes.
  b) Added ICS label to Dalies, Felipe, and Aragon.

  a) Corrected Aragon M1-M3 Crossovers.
  b) Updated Belen Yard, NM with Gallup/Clovis Subs separator.
  c) Increased Font Size for Fuel Pads.
  a) Initial Release.


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Good evening Christi and Jeff.  World is full of good intentions, right?  Been on cameras most of the day, been meaning to share what I've seen at Belen.  The layout looks great. Signaling is more representative of what is occurring.  Where some of the two head signals now are there were yellows or flashing yellows. Very appreciated. 

Bonus I finally caught a WB entering the Gallup Yard and the signal was Red over Yellow.  Yay.

Pretty tired, may be more tomorrow.  Have a good night.



Dear Christi and JefF;

I have to say that not long after you fixed CP Aragon M1,2 &3 on the Belen Term and Gallup Kits.  CP Aragon has decided to stay white/offline and not report any occupancy.  Could you look into this absence?

Timothy C.
Invected by ITCM 220 MHZ virus


Hi Timothy,

We are aware of the issue with CP Aragon, with investigation that we did, there is an area issue that is interring with the 90 MHz frequency during the day.  It is pretty consistent during the day.  Usually starts around 9am New Mexico Time and does not go away until about 5pm New Mexico time.  We and the Host have been troubleshooting the issue and figured it is nothing he has running at the house.  The Coax used is RG6, Quad Shielded, so that should be an issue.  I am kind of ideas.  Looking for ideas from our HAM members what they think.



Well....  I was PM'd by a HAM Expert and found out the neighbor having Solar Panels and the Break just on the other side of the short wall is causing the issue...



Well the tracks at Felipe are green with the CP names being white.


HI C and J;

No change in Felipe day or night as of Noon on 09-28-21.

Thanks for looking.

Timothy C.
Infected with ITCM 220 MHz


BNSF is testing Felipe and Marmon with ITCM but not official switched yet due to issues, when they fail their testing, they switch them back.


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