New Feed: BNSF Albuquerque Yard/NMRX: Albuquerque to Herzog, NM Area

Started by Christi, October 31, 2021, 04:56:36 pm

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Hello All,
Today we have launched a new Radio Feed that broadcasts the BNSF Albuquerque Yard and NMRX between Albuquerque and Herzog, NM.  Big Thanks to @Yard Limit for Supporting, Installing and Hosting this Radio Feed.  The feed can be found here: http://www.railfanaz.com/AudioFeeds/Bernalillo.html

The WebPlayer and the pls download for an Audio player of your choice has been updated.  The Scanner Radio App (Android/iOS) should be updated by November 01, 2021. The 5-0 Radio App (iOS) has been updated.

We will be adjusting/fine tuning the feed throughout the week.


Christi Rossi
RailFanAZ.com Webmaster

RailFanAZ.com Updates and How to Donate to RailFanAZ.com can be found here:


Yard Limit

I apologize for the NMRX and Albuquerque sub being down.  I went out of town and removed my phone charger from a power strip and accidently turned the power strip off in the process.  Of course the router was plugged into it. 



Thanks all for getting this back online and also getting Gallup resolved. Have a good weekend.

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