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BNSF Gallup Subdivision and NMRX: 2022.01.05 v334 - Updated

Started by Jeff, January 04, 2022, 10:05:26 pm

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Hello All, I have updated the BNSF Gallup Subdivision (BNSF Southwest Division) and NMRX TM5 layout.

TM5 Date: 2022.01.05
TM5 Version: 334

  a) Corrected Dalies Mnemonics for "T" indications. (Thanks Carl B)
  b) Updated Donation Information (near bottom of layout).
  c) Corrected Manual Blocks for each Line. (Thanks Joseph)
  d) Corrected Yellow over Green in Belen Yard. (Thanks Bruce E)
  e) Corrected East Holbrook Signals. (Thanks Steve B)
Thanks to our host in Joseph City, AZ, the Jack Rabbit Trading Post for allowing us to get BCP as well as MCP to expand the coverage East of Holbrook.  Please help support them by checking out their website at or if you are traveling on I40 between Holbrook and Winslow, please stop in!  Tony and Cindy treat all their customers like family! They are located at 3386 U.S. Rte 66, Joseph City, AZ.  They can also be reached on Facebook at

Support can be found here:,220.0.html
If you like what you see please help support our efforts by making a donation with the link found on the layout. Enjoy and Thank you for all your continued support!

------------------------Revision History-----------------
  a) Cosmetic Changes.
  b) Updated signals from single head to dual heads from Winslow to East Adamana.
  c) Adjusted some timing issues.
  d) Corrected Aragon Mnemonics for inverted "T" between M2 and M3 indications.
  e) Adjusted signals that use Flash Red for Yard Operations.
  f) Adjusted text fields to allow "hovering" over station/Control Point for activity timestamp.

  a) Cosmetic Changes.
  b) Updated Virtual RailFan Belen YouTube Address.
  c) Updated Media Players to now cache (by browser limits) streams the user listens too.
  d) Added upcoming Bernalillo Media player for Albuquerque to CP Herzog.
  e) Added Readme Link.
  f) Updated CP Felipe and CP Marmon as they both went "Off the Air" in the beginning of September 2021.
  a) Added Additional Double-Head Signals in some areas of Belen Terminal.
  b) Corrected some mislabeled TM5 Track Ids.
  c) Fixed Aragon M1-M3 Plant Decodes as trains were disappearing. 
  a) Linked Tracks from Left to Right when lines changes.
  b) Added West Sais to Dunmoor with expanded coverage from our Belen site.  Thanks to Scott G for allowing us to use this part of his layout.
  c) Added Double-Head Signals in some areas of Belen Terminal.
  a) Cosmetic Changes.
  b) Added DARK Lead for Abajo Yard (help with AudioFeed with Track Warrants on NMRX).
  a) Updated Virtual RailFan Belen YouTube Address.

  a) Corrected Switch at Defiance.

  a) Corrected Switches using Carl B's Update.
  b) Added Built-in Media Player for Gallup and Belen.
  c) Added full NMRX Layout with the expanded coverage.
  d) Added Becker and Beevers from Clovis Sub.
  e) Added Support Link.

  a) Cosmetic Changes.
  b) Added Built-in Media Player for Winslow.

  a) Cosmetic Changes.
  b) Added ICS label to Dalies, Felipe, and Aragon.

  a) Corrected Aragon M1-M3 Crossovers.
  b) Updated Belen Yard, NM with Gallup/Clovis Subs separator.
  c) Increased Font Size for Fuel Pads.
  a) Initial Release.


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