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BNSF Seligman Subdivision: 2022.05.31 v115 (Updated)

Started by Christi, May 30, 2022, 11:09:50 pm

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Hello All, I have updated the BNSF Seligman Subdivision (BNSF Southwest Division) TM5 layout.

TM5 Date: 2022.05.31
TM5 Version: 115

  a) Added new Camera Link for Winslow RailCam.
  b) Updated Donation Information (near bottom of layout).
  c) Labeled Winslow Area Tracks according to TimeTable.
Support can be found here:,223.0.html
If you like what you see please help support our efforts by making a donation with the link found on the layout. Enjoy and Thank you for all your continued support!

------------------------Revision History-----------------
  a) Complete redo.
  b) All Control Points have Double-Head Signals.
  c) Bonded the following:
   - West Franconia and East Franconia
   - West Griffith and East Griffith
   - West Berry and East Berry
   - West Valentine and East Valentine
   - West Peach Springs and East Peach Springs
   - West Pica and East Pica
   - West Crookton and East Crookton
   - West Eagle Nest and East Eagle Nest
   - West Doublea and East Doublea
   - West Perrin and East Perrin
   - West Canyon Diablo and East Canyon Diablo
  d) Added Support and Readme Link.
  e) Adjusted some timing issues.
  f) Adjusted text fields to allow "hovering" over station/Control Point for activity timestamp.
  g) Updated Virtual RailFan Flagstaff YouTube Address.
  h) Updated Media Players to now cache (by browser limits) streams the user listens too.

  a) Added New Audio Feeds.

  a) Minor Corrections to West Franconia.

  a) Added New Relay for Gallup Sub.
  b) Added La Posada Logo (Used with Permission).
  c) Added Jack Rabbit Logo (Used with Permission).

  a) Updated for the new Truxton flyover (between Valentine and Cherokee).
  a) Updated Track Mnemonics (TM5 Version) on Multiple Stations (Thanks Steven Batty).
  b) A few minor updates.

  a) Updated Relays.
  b) Updated Western End due to new server coverage.
  c) Added VRF Icon (Approval on File).
  d) Added New Audio Feed for Kingman Link. (Coming Soon).
  e) Cosmetic Changes.
  a) Added new coverage for the Gallup Sub.
  b) Cosmetic Changes.

  a) Added new relay feed.
  b) Set Needles #1,#2,#3 to ATCS-Genisys Protocol.
  c) Corrected Switches at West Franconia.
  d) Corrected Tracks/Signals at CP 5763.
  e) Split Layout from MegaLayout.


Christi Rossi Webmaster

ATCS Server Manager for Sites:
- BNSF: Newberry Springs, Goffs, Lake Havasu, Kingman, Walapai, Crozier, Williams, Parks, West Flagstaff, East Flagstaff, Winslow, Joseph City and Gallup.
- UP: Yuma, Fortuna, Tacna, Maricopa, Casa Grande, Mesa, Tucson, Kolb, Vail, Benson, Willcox, and Morristown.
- BNSF/UP: Daggett, Phelan, and Lancaster.
- BNSF/NMRX: Albuquerque, Belen.
- NMRX: Bernalillo. ATCS Updates and How to Donate to can be found here:
Christi Rossi Support


Is it possible that this can be put back up?  I use the mileage markers a lot to coincide with scanner traffic that refers to MP's for various activities.


Good Morning Bruce,
We will reach out to Joseph to have him re-enable it.

Jeff Rossi Webmaster


September 12, 2022, 09:18:33 pm #3 Last Edit: September 12, 2022, 09:18:45 pm by Christi
The Historic layout has been added back to TM5.   :)

Christi Rossi Support


I was going to use the TM5 layout to listen to multiple audio streams (Wide Area and Winslow).  The two controls, after several logins to the layout, show the 0:00 / 0:00 and won't start.  The Depot stream and W Flagstaff appear to be ok.  I am listening to the Wide Area feed using the webpage mechanism just fine.  Thanks for checking.


Audio streams are working ok today.  But can't run one and YT at the same time as before. They must have changed something on my Chromebook.


Hey Bruce, sorry I missed this email. Been extremely busy and we are testing something out.  I heard about that from WheelSlip too.

Jeff Rossi Webmaster


So sorry to see Seligman go over to ITCM. Did BiNSniF signal nail all of the Clovis

Sub. too?


Timothy C.


Yes, Clovis was first to go, then Seligman was next.  Seligman is a strange thing tho, it is not on ITCM, they are still using ATCS, however, a different transport method.

Jeff Rossi Webmaster



By what kind of transport system; satellite or fiber?


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