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Great to hear about the Tower at home @cleatus99 and also awesome on being a HAM Operator, that is cool!  I have emailed my contact to have him check out this thread, once I hear back I will let you know.

Let me reach out to my buddy for your area.  Stay Tuned.
Yes sir, BNSF is the closest road to me, Herman is in sight and Decatur is nearby.

I am a Ham-radio operator, I have a home tower and the Alliance BNSF yard is 13 miles away. So I could probably receive that data as well.

UP also crosses through this area. Going from FTW to Chico, TX
Hi Bryan,
Welcome to the site.  Cool, the Jack Rabbit is pretty cool.  Lots of cool things and great staff.  Would the site be at your location in Rhome, TX (per your profile)?  That would be the BNSF from what I can tell?
I stopped by The JR Trading Post while driving down Route66 and saw the Display. Very cool! Unfortunately, the wife wouldn't let me stay and ask questions after I collected another set of souvenirs....

I live between Fort Worth and Wichita Falls, TX.

Is there any value in me setting up a local SDR and server?

I already feed ADSB data to a couple of flight tracking sites.

Projects / Re: Willcox, AZ Install - 05/0...
Last post by Jeff - Yesterday at 08:00:06 pm
Hi There Doug,
Hope you are doing well.  We might be able to use them in a future site.  We were able to install the equipment at the location, we are just waiting for the City to install the Antenna on their roof.  Once they finish that part, we will have the coverage out that way.

We might be back in the area of Benson later this month/next month as they are planning on hosting an audiofeed there.  Maybe if time is right, we can meet up then?

Projects / Re: Willcox, AZ Install - 05/0...
Last post by DougJ - Yesterday at 07:25:59 pm
If you need them, I have two MDS radios you can have. I intended them for my mobile setup but with the fixed sites you have developed, its easier for me to use LTE to connect to ATCS versus the radios, SDRs, et al. I go to Phoenix fairly often so I could drop them up there or if your down this way (to Mescal or east) we could meet up sometime and I could hand them off. They have the antenna adapters and the power connectors, though I have never powered them up. At you pleasure.

Doug Jacques in Sierra Vista
Union Pacific Railroad / Re: UP 5845 MOW train coming t...
Last post by Jeff - Yesterday at 06:01:36 pm
UP5845 was to go to the bridge North of Coolidge on it's first round.  Train was WBOCLB (Work train-Bowie, AZ-Coolidge, AZ-Ballast).  It then returned as the WCLBOB (Work train-Coolidge, AZ-Bowie, AZ-Ballast) to reload and then come back to the Sub from what information I was able to gather.
Union Pacific Railroad / Re: UP 5845 MOW train coming t...
Last post by ArizonaRails - Yesterday at 10:10:19 am
Turns out the ballast train went back east on Saturday evening.  :(

I wonder why they did, but my best guess is because of the fact there were no sidings to put them onto on the Phoenix Sub. The ballast train was bound for Arlington on the old West Phoenix line, which is still possible, but it's unknown at this time. I caught them at Coolidge on my way home from Tucson Train Day, going a mere 15 mph, dumping new ballast along the line. It was very neat seeing it, that's for sure! :D

TrainOrders / UP Lineup - 05/09, 2300 ET
Last post by Christi - May 09, 2021, 10:32:13 pm
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