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About Us:

Christina and Jeffrey Rossi started this site back on July 02, 2011. Our main focus was to publish digital photos and videos for the RailFan Hobby. In late 2014, we opened our site up as a General Forum for RailFans in Arizona. At the same time, we continued to post our photos and videos to the site.

Then we got into the ATCS Monitoring Project, by helping out Jon Adams with one of his sites that went down due to a Lightning Strike. We got the PC back online until we can replace the damaged PC. With the ATCS Project we (Christina and Jeffrey) as a team completed the following projects for Arizona and have more to come:

Updated: 01/13/2020

  • Installed a new PC at the Parks, AZ.
  • Installed a new receive site at Casa Grande.
  • Installed a new PC at Vail, AZ.
  • Installed a new receive site at Valentine, AZ.
  • Installed a new PC at Yuma, AZ
  • Installed a new receive site at Williams, AZ with Grand Canyon Railroad Audio Feed.
  • Installed a new receive site at Flagstaff, AZ.
  • Installed a new receive site at Kingman, AZ.
  • Developed and Released TrainMon5 Layout.
  • Installed a new, stronger Antenna at Casa Grande, AZ.
  • Installed a new, 2nd Antenna at Valentine, AZ.
  • Testing Dual-SDRs at Valentine, AZ.
  • Setup Temporary Site for UP Arizona.
  • Upgraded ATCS Routers for Better Performance using U4 Rack Server.
  • Installed a new receive site at Fortuna, AZ.
  • Upgraded Server with Audio Feed at Kingman, AZ.
  • Installed new receive site at Winslow, AZ for ATCS and AudioFeed.
  • Installed new receive site with Temporary Antenna for ATCS at West Flagstaff.
  • Upgraded Winslow to Moto Maxtracs.
  • Installed new RadioShack Pro 2055 Scanner and Tram 1500 Antenna at Winslow.
  • Installed new RadioShack Pro 2055 Scanner at Williams.
  • Installed a new 2nd receive site at Flagstaff, AZ for ATCS and AudioFeed.
  • Installed Goffs, CA.


More Sites Coming Soon:

  • Yucca Area (Scheduled Testing).


Looking for More Hosts:

  • South Kingman Area - East of Topock.
  • Holbrook, AZ area.

We want to thank everyone that has helped us with Donations to keep the project(s) moving along. We also want to thank our Site Hosts that allow us to install our the equipment at their respected locations.

Our dedication to the RailFan Community: we have an automatic system that monitors all our servers/sites. If something goes down, we are automatically alerted to it via Text (SMS) message and Email.  We also monitor all the systems and push out updates during the night hours when there are least amount of users.  Between Christina and Jeffrey, we almost have24/7 coverage.  We stride to get the system back up as soon as possible.

Support Our Efforts by Donating

Our site is FREE of charge. However, the development and maintenance of our site, ATCS Monitoring Systems and RoboFoamer takes a significant amount of time to put together and maintain, with raising ISP and Server Costs as well.  If you find the coverage it provides useful, and that it adds to your enjoyment of railfanning, consider helping to the site's construction and maintenance cost with a donation of $5, $10, $20 or more by clicking on the PayPal "Donate" button below. We intend the donation process to be transparent and will keep a running total published on this site (Near the bottom). If you wish to have your donation acknowledged publicly, add a note when you send it in. Donations will go toward server expenses and the potential for new server locations in Arizona. Please note that your donations are not tax-deductible.


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Thanks in advance for your generosity!
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