BNSF Seligman/Phoenix Subs / Grand Canyon Railway: Williams, AZ Area

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Arizona Stream


BNSF Seligman/Phoenix Subs / Grand Canyon Railway: Williams, AZ Area.

This feed will broadcast the following channels/frequenices in the Williams, AZ area.


BNSF Seligman Sub
160.93500 - BNSF55 SeligEast - Winslow to West Seligman.

BNSF Phoenix Sub
161.37000 - BNSF84 PhoenWest - Williams Jct to Glendale.

Grand Canyon Railway
160.42500 - GCRX21 Road - Road
160.35000 - GCRX97 Ops - Operations
160.48500 - GCRX25 Yard - Williams Yard - "Train-3" Operations
160.83000 - GCRX48 Yard - Williams Yard - "Train-4" Operations


*Note: You can hear all the way to the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon Railway operates passenger trains between Williams and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and has their schedule posted on their website which can be found here:


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