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Yuma ATCS Scheduled Downtime - 03/10/2018

Started by RailFan Arizona, March 09, 2018, 05:54:44 pm

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RailFan Arizona

On 03/10/2018 we will be swapping the PC that is limping along on its life at the Yuma Receive Site for the ATCS Monitoring for Eastern part of the Yuma Sub and Western part of the Gila Sub.  System will go down around 4pm Arizona time.

Control Points that will be affected (West to East):

Yuma Sub:
Mesquite (SP 697)
Glamis (SP 699)
Clyde W (SP 705)
Clyde E (SP 707)
Cactus (SP 715)
Araz (SP 724)

Gila Sub:
Yuma (SP 732)
Pacific (SP 736)
East Yard (SP 738)
Fortuna (SP 743)
Blaisdell (SP 747)
Kinter W (SP 749)
Kinter E (SP 751)
Dome (SP 753)
West Wellton (SP 768)
Wellton (SP 771)
Noah W (SP 776)
Noah E (SP 777)
Colfred W (SP 783)
Colfred E (SP 785)

We will post on this thread with updates.

RailFan Arizona

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