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UP 2529 West (ZG4CI-09) - 2018.03.11 @ 4:03 PM - Casa Grande, AZ (HD)

Started by Jeff, April 05, 2019, 04:16:19 pm

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UP 2529 West
ZG4CI-09 (Premium Intermodal-Global 4-City of Industry)
UP 2529 (GE C45AH), UP 3940 (EMD SD70M), UP 4423 (EMD SD70M)
DPU: UP 5369 (GE AC45CCTE)
West of CP SP918 Casa Grande
UP's Gila Subdivision (MP 915)
Casa Grande, AZ
2018.03.11 @ 4:03 PM

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Say, that's my favorite spot! Right by the BCP. I think this Saturday I'm going to head out and shoot some B-roll for a series of railfanning tutorials I'm going to make. Haven't posted much on the channel in a while.

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