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Seligman Sub / Phoenix Sub Handoff

Started by Keith Bear, May 10, 2019, 06:55:01 am

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Keith Bear

How and at what point is the handoff handled between the two subdivisions.
Thanks, Keith


As far as I know, the Phoenix Sub connects to the Seligman Sub at Williams just East of the Grand Canyon Railway.  Sometimes you can hear the DS giving track warrants for entry on the internet stream.

As far as the crew, I don't think they change at Williams or go all the way to Winslow/Phoenix, but I will admit I can be wrong.  Hope that helps a little.


Roger is correct on the connecting points.  As far as the crew they usually go all the way, however, most of the time from my understanding is they run out of hours and need to have a dog catch crew on the return trip.
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Keith Bear

Thanks for both response. I monitor the Phoenix Sub, and yes, they do run out of time. I wasn't aware of an internet stream for Seligman, I'll to check it out.

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