West Willcox Camera Replacement Fundraiser

Here are the poll results for the Initial Willcox West Camera Replacement if unrepairable:

PTZ Camera (67%)
Static Camera (32%)

Total Votes = 80

Here are the poll results from the Subscriber Community for the West Willcox Camera that needs to be replaced. The poll was surveying what our viewers wanted to see and help support us with making this happen. The new camera will be on the West Side of the building to get a better view of the Grain Facility and the SW1500 that is used. Which one would you support or share with you network to see installed at Willcox, AZ? The moderator team will have access to the PTZ controls.

PTZ Camera ($1000) – 76%.
Static Camera ($500) – 24%.

Total Votes = 74

If you would like to help us, please follow this link and Donate and/or Share with your network of Friends, Family, etc..


We really appreciate all your support and hope you continue to enjoy our channel.

Thanks Everyone!
RailFan Arizona Team

Willcox West Cam Update – 09/24/2022

Christi and I went out to Willcox today, found the camera to be resetting itself to factory every 30 seconds. We followed all steps given by Product Manufacturer and after taking the camera off the mount, there were obvious marks that shows to be burnt. This either was a Lightning Strike or a Really Bad Static Discharge from the Tower nearby. According to a few viewers, right before the power went out, there was a loud sound and bright light near the East Camera. We have put up a Poll on replacing the camera type. You can find the poll on the stream’s feed listed below (Click on “Watch on YouTube”. The poll will close on the evening of 09/25/2022. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope we can get this resolved soon.